MiLL colloquium at EuroSLA 2015

MiLL members and associates presented a colloquium on “Second language acquisition of grammatical meaning and the language classroom” at EuroSLA 25, the 2015 conference of the European Second Language Association.

The conference took place in Aix-en-Provence, 26–29 August. The MiLL colloquium brought together research where advances have been made in bridging the gap between formal linguistic second language acquisition research and the practice of language teaching.

The colloquium addressed the question of how theoretical SLA findings on meaning can be exploited in the language classroom, with presentations of papers by collaborating researchers from the UK, Japan, and the US: Neal Snape, Noriaki Yusa, Mari Umeda, and John Wiltshier; Kook-Hee Gil, Heather Marsden, and Melinda Whong; Elena Shimanskaya and Roumyana Slabakova; and Makiko Hirakawa, Marie Endo, and Mayumi Shibuya. Ros Mitchell (Southampton) acted as discussant for the colloquium.


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