Engaging with Meaning in Language Learning

Saturday October 24 2015
Berrick Saul Building, University of York

It goes without saying that meaning is crucial to the communication skills we hope to foster in the language classroom. Yet the question of how we use language to create meaning is often left unexplored, as we focus either on the nitty gritty of grammar and vocabulary, or on the broader skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

This workshop offered delegates an opportunity to think about meaning in its own right. Language teachers and language learning researchers came together to discuss and share views about how we engage with meaning in language learning and teaching.

List of talks and slides

Negotiating meaning in the mixed-ability language classroom
María Muradás-Taylor, Lecturer in Spanish, University of York

What I mean when I talk about meaning: A materials development perspective
Lewis Lansford, English Language Teaching Materials Writer

Making the case for multilingualism: What do we mean when we talk about language skills for the 21st century?
Jocelyn Wyburd, Director, Language Centre, University of Cambridge; and Chair of University Council of Modern Languages

Levels of meaning in language learning: From phrases to words to fine-grained semantics
David Stringer, Associate Professor of Second Language Studies, Indiana University

The role of explicit instruction for the learning and teaching of complex meanings: The case of the French imparfait
Kevin McManus, Second Language Acquisition Researcher, University of York


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