Perspectives on making language meaningful in the language learning context

University of Sheffield
Saturday 23 January 2016


This workshop explored the question of how we make language meaningful in a language learning context at a variety of levels. At the level of words and grammar, how do these elements work together to create meaning? At the level of learner engagement, what makes the language learning process more or less meaningful, and how does this impact on learning? At the level of curriculum design, what makes sense within the specific language learning context a curriculum is intended for?


Are we ready for a global future? Rethinking language policy and practice for 21st century Britain – Bernardette Holmes, Born Global project. Abstract. Presentation slides.

Native or intercultural speakers? Insights from a study of Spanish-English tandem learning conversations – Jane Woodin, University of Sheffield. Abstract. Presentation slides.

Making language meaningful: Task-based interaction in a foreign language setting – Maria del Pilar García Mayo, Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU). Abstract. Presentation slides.

Mapping meaning onto form: learning to talk about past time in French and Spanish– Ros Mitchell & Roumyana Slabakova, University of Southampton. Abstract. Presentation slides.